Drain tiles specifically designed for use under artificial grass

Perfect Turf® Plastic Drain Tiles

The right way to install Perfect Turf® and other brands of Synthetic Turf over concrete, asphalt or wood.

Used for outdoor, indoor, rooftops – an economical, flexible drainage and aeration layer for many synthetic turf applications.

What Makes Perfect Turf® Tiles Better?

  1. BIGGER is better – Perfect Turf® Tiles are priced similar to all other drain tiles on the market, but at 12” by 12” these tiles are 44% bigger than the 10” by 10” tiles used by so many companies in the market.  44% bigger, easier estimating and about the same price as other, smaller tiles.  (See Price Match Guarantee)
  2. Smooth surface: most turf drain tiles are “sport court” or “garage floor tile” factory seconds.  They all have rough ridges on top for traction.  However those same ridges are abrasive when put under the turf for drainage.  Since Perfect Turf® Tiles are designed and produced for this purpose, we made it smooth and non-abrasive to the bottom of your turf.
  3. Look at the holes on the Perfect Turf® Tiles versus any other drain tile.  We removed the aesthetic plastic for a court or garage application and added much larger holes. Even if the plastic aligns with a drainage hole in the turf it will not block drainage.
  4. Flushing System Channels – an optional ½” PVC flushing system can be installed either vertically or horizontally on any continuous tile installation.  With channels going both directions, the optional flushing system can be installed in many ways to maximize effectiveness.
  5. Perfect Turf® Tiles™ can be made into Perfect Turf LLC’s patented modular POD System design (U.S. Patent No. 9,464,388) to minimize odor and the work needed to control it any dog facility. Purchase your completed PetGrass® PODs or tiles and turf from Perfect Turf LLC and receive approval to use it in a modular design as protected by Perfect Turf LLC’s patent.

More about the patented Perfect Turf® POD System:

System Benefits Brochure (PDF) – A brief overview of the various components and benefits of the Perfect Turf® POD System.

Photos and Installations (PDF) – A couple photos of installations done using our drain tiles.

Do you want us to do everything for you? Inquire about our Perfect Turf® POD system!